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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your.bham?

your.bham is an online alumni community for the University of Birmingham. Once you have registered, it allows you to:

  • Find and contact old friends and classmates
  • Choose what contact information you want fellow alumni to see
  • Post your latest news and search for news from your friends
  • View and update your contact and business details
  • Sign up for a Birmingham email forwarding address
  • Post jobs and search for new opportunities
  • Search for new business contacts around the world
  • Use our message boards to chat with friends
  • Sign up for our RSS news feed


How do I join?

You will need to enter some registration details so that we can authorise you as a Birmingham alumnus. Within 2 working days you will have full access to the site.


I have registered as a new user but cannot enter the site

It will take us up to two working days to authorise your registration, if you have been waiting longer than this please email alumnioffice@contacts.bham.ac.uk with your name, address, the email address with which you registered and the date that you first registered with us.


I have forgotten my password / username

On the ‘log in’ page, you will see a link to ‘forgotten password / username’.


I have entered my username and password but the system is rejecting it.

The username and password fields are both case sensitive and so please ensure that you do not have the Caps Lock function turned on.


If this does not solve the issue, please click on the ‘forgotten password / username’ link on the ‘log in’ page and use the lower box to enter the email address with which you registered. An email containing your username and password will then be sent to your account to allow you to double-check your details.   


If this still has not solved the problem, please email alumnioffice@contacts.bham.ac.uk with your name, address and the email address with which you registered on your.bham.


I don't know my alumni number

We realise that most people will not know their alumni number, so it is not a required field. For most recent alumni, it will be the same as your student number. For alumni who left before 1998, however, it is more likely to be an arbitrary number. We print your alumni number on our mailings alongside your address, it is usually a five or six digit number.


My email address contains an apostrophe and I cannot register with it

Whilst an apostrophe is not an invalid character for email addresses, it can cause complications with some systems. Unfortunately at the moment we cannot accept email addresses containing an apostrophe. Please email alumnioffice@contacts.bham.ac.uk with your full name, address, email address and a preferred username and we will set you up using an alternative method.


I have to fill in a county and postcode but we don't have them in our country

We are addressing this problem. Please choose a county and enter 00000 into the postcode and we will understand to remove it when we process your registration.




How do I delete my your.bham account?

Please send an email to alumnioffice@contacts.bham.ac.uk including your username and requesting to be deleted from your.bham and we wil delete your account for you.



My browser is telling me that the security certificate is not valid

Check that you are visiting https://bhamalumni.org. We are working on validating the certificate for https://www.bhamalumni.org as well.

The authority we use to sign our certificates is not itself trusted by your browser. Our security certificate is issued by Cybertrust Educational Certification Authority (CA), which is in turn issued by the GTE CyberTrust Global Root. We provide both certificates however older browsers may not accept the parent certificate.


Frequently Asked Questions: Inside your.bham


My friends have told me that they can’t see my contact information

To ensure that your friends can contact you, you will need to make some of your contact information visible.


Visit the ‘update my personal details’ section. The tick boxes on the right-hand side of the page indicate the information you have chosen to be private. By un-ticking the boxes you will allow other alumni to see this information and potentially make it easier for friends to get directly in touch.


I have updated my news or posted a job on the jobs board but it is not visible

Both your updated news and any new job opportunities will both take up to two working days to process and will then be available for all alumni to see.


My details on the directory listing is showing my name as {Private} and my City, but I've made my city private in my profile

This is a known issue and we are working to resolve it. Your privacy settings are showing correctly to other users of the site.


I cannot hide my education details

Your degree information is published in the Birmingham Post, in our degree books which are available to anyone, and is therefore considered in the public domain and available to anyone who wants to know, and so you are unable to make these details private, however you can make your personal details private for yourself to be hidden from the class lists available on your.bham.


I cannot register an email forwarding address

Your registration must be processed before you have full access to the email forwarding service. This is to ensure that we can correctly identify you and may take up to two working days. Once your account has been processed you will be able to set up an email forwarding address from the "All about you" menu.



Do you provide a mailbox for my email forwarding service?

Unfortunately due to the resources required we are unable to provide a mailbox. You can obtain a free mailbox by subscribing to online mail providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo! or Googlemail, where you are able to change the address that your outgoing mail appears to come from to your bhamalumni.org address.


I wanted to contact my friend but I cannot see their details on your.bham

The reason for this will either be that your friend has not yet registered with your.bham or that they have registered but have not chosen to make any of their contact details visible to others.


You could either look at our directory of alumni that we have lost contact with in the 'Stay in Touch with Friends' section and see if your friend's name appears here. if it does, we no longer have accurate contact details for them. if it does not appear here, then email alumnioffice@contacts.bham.ac.uk and we will be forward a message on to your friend.


I feel there has been some unsuitable content posted onto your.bham

Please send an email to alumnioffice@contacts.bham.ac.uk detailing the giving details. We take such situations very seriously and we will investigate the problem and take appropriate action in line with the terms and conditions listed on your.bham.



Development & Alumni Relations Office, University of Birmingham, Birmingham Research Park, Vincent Drive, Edgbaston, B15 2SQ, UK
Tel: +44 121 414 2773. Email: alumnioffice@contacts.bham.ac.uk
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